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Playing videos using new Open Subtitles MKV Player

The Open Subtitles MKV Player is a media player from opensubtitles.org, which supports a range of media file formats including DivX, mkv, wmv, avi, Xvid, DVD, MP3, MP4, VOB, 3GP, FLAC, Flash, QuickTime and many more. The latest version provides a lot of advantages over the previous versions. You don’t have to worry about additional codec packs anymore.

RAR files can be played straightaway. You can even play the .torrent files without having to wait for the whole movie to be downloaded. Just drag and drop the .torrent file into the Open Subtitles MKV Player window, and that’s it! You can enjoy the movie without any further delay.

The updated version of Open Subtitles MKV Player provides support for:

  • Dolby Surround, DTS, 3D audio, SPDIF and others
  • Audio and video streams, including video from YouTube
  • Up to 4 monitors or TVs
  • 3D video formats (new 3D option in menu)
  • HSBS SBS (side by side half and full)
  • OU and HOU (over-under Half and Full)
  • AF (alternating frames) with the possibility of conversion to different types Anaglyph
  • Interleaved or 2D format
  • Reader installed by SAPI in Windows
  • Latest version of Ivona reader

There is increased support for DVD movies, and for the subtitles in UTF-8 embedded in the movies. Playback of audio tracks embedded in the movies is fixed; fixed a bug that caused movies to be played too fast, and also fixed playing on Windows XP.

Open Subtitles Video player download, installation and using subtitles:

1. Go to http://www.opensubtitles.website/opensubtitles-player and download the Open Subtitles MKV Player.

2. Run the file and install the player using the on-screen instructions.

3. Launch the application. It will give you an option to switch on smart subtitles. This feature adjusts the subtitles’ display time according to the user’s reading speed (you can set this speed under subtitles in the settings window).
Screenshot 2015-05-19 13.41.10

Screenshot 2015-05-19 14.16.27

4. You can play the videos now. Once the video begins, the screen shows a button to download subtitles for that particular video. You can click this and download the subtitles, or go to the subtitles menu at the bottom -> OpenSubtitles.org -> Search for matching subtitles.
Screenshot 2015-05-19 17.01.25

You can also search for subtitles in different languages, using the subtitles menu at the bottom.
Screenshot 2015-05-19 13.49.02

5. The subtitles for your video will be searched and downloaded. And now the subtitles will be loaded for you to enjoy!
Screenshot 2015-05-19 13.53.56

You can edit these subtitles using the subtitles editor option under settings. Additionally, you can also change the way in which the subtitles appear on the screen. Following are some samples.

Location of subtitles changed:
Screenshot 2015-05-19 14.00.21

Color of subtitles changed:
Screenshot 2015-05-19 14.02.12

Open Subtitles MKV Player also provides various additional features. Using the DivX Muxer, you can insert subtitles into DivX. You can also set up a password for a video file 😉 Just open the file on MKV Player and click F10. A dialog box will appear on the screen and you can set up your password for the video.

Not just these. There are a lot more functionality. Explore yourself!

Open Subtitles MKV Player is one of the many programs which are using OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy this free subtitles service and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

How to get subtitles on VLC Media Player using VLSub?

If you don’t have subtitles for watching a movie ready with you, there’s an easy way to download them. It’s called VLSub, and it is an extension of the VLC Media Player for downloading the subtitles available on opensubtitles.org, right from the video player itself. Getting subtitles for VLC is a very easy task. Read on…

VLSub does not work on VLC 2.1.x, so make sure you are using VLC 2.0.x or 2.2.x.

Downloading and installing the VLSub VLC subtitles plugin:

1. Go to https://github.com/exebetche/vlsub (or anywhere on the internet) and download the VLSub VLC subtitles plugin.
Screenshot 2015-05-17 22.55.32

2. Check whether you have the “extensions” directory in the following location:

  • Windows (all users): %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions\
  • Windows (current user): %APPDATA%\vlc\lua\extensions\
  • Linux (all users): /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions/
  • Linux (current user): ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/
  • Mac OS X (all users): /Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/share/lua/extensions/
  • Mac OS X (current user): /Users/%your_name%/Library/Application Support/org.videolan.vlc/lua/extensions/

If you don’t see this directory, create a new folder named “extensions” in the above said location.
Screenshot 2015-05-17 23.36.03

3. Open the downloaded zip file and extract the file named “vlsub.lua” into the “extensions” directory (If there is any error in directly doing this, extract the files in a different location and copy paste the “vlsub.lua” file into the “extensions” directory).
Screenshot 2015-05-17 22.57.00

Using VLSub and getting the subtitles:

1. Play the video file using VLC Media Player. It’s time to get the subtitles for VLC! Click View -> VLSub or VLC -> Extension -> VLSub in the case of Mac OS X.
Screenshot 2015-05-17 23.37.19

2. Now, search by hash/name for subtitles and a list of VLC subtitles available on opensubtitles.org, appears for your video.
Screenshot 2015-05-17 23.41.59

3. Choose the subtitle file that you need, and click “Download selection”. Voila! Subtitles appear on you video.
Screenshot 2015-05-17 23.42.40

Now, you can enjoy any movie with VLC subtitles. You can click on the “Show config” button and search for subtitles in various languages. You can also choose what to do with the subtitles, i.e. Load and save or Manual download.

Go ahead and start watching your favorite videos with subtitles!

VLSub – subtitles extension for VLC is one of the many programs which are using OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy this free subtitles service and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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How to use Drag and Drop search

There was very long delay about our last post here. It doesn’t mean the site is not updated, the opposite is right, we got quite a lot of work with new features, so there was not much time to write blog. One of the one new neat feature is getting exact subtitles for your movies without installing any program. Just take your movie file and drag & drop it into green search bar on www.opensubtitles.org

For users, who can not get this work, we made a little video guide, so check it out:

How do you like it ?

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