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Hide your personal activity while downloading torrents

There is no secret many of users are downloading movies and other stuff using more and more popular P2P technology – torrent. There is one small problem with torrents – some anti-piracy organizations can track IP address of party, and make some problems… Today we will show, how to hide IP address and download anonymously using TorrentPrivacy.com.

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Want to download Torrents AND from Hosters? Putdrive.com is answer

Putdrive.com is a new online cloud storage and download service that allows you to download files from torrents, video sharing sites, and over 80 different file hosters! It’s a combo solution worth trying out.

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How to use Drag and Drop search

There was very long delay about our last post here. It doesn’t mean the site is not updated, the opposite is right, we got quite a lot of work with new features, so there was not much time to write blog. One of the one new neat feature is getting exact subtitles for your movies without installing any program. Just take your movie file and drag & drop it into green search bar on www.opensubtitles.org

For users, who can not get this work, we made a little video guide, so check it out:

How do you like it ?

Learn English watching your videos with fleex.tv

The guys over at fleex have just announced the release of a new video player which is using OpenSubtitles.org subtitles service. Not just any video player though, as you’ll see: one with an English-learning twist, that makes the process of learning the language suddenly a lot more appealing. If you’re not the patient kind, you can watch fleex’s video and download the app from http://fleex.tv. Otherwise, read on! ;-)

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Try new QVIVO Social Media Center, we got 100 invitations

The guys at QVIVO, creators of a new Social Media Center have given exclusively  for OpenSubtitles members 100 codes to preview their private alpha. This is pre-release software so it’s a little raw, but expect big things in the coming months including cloud based backup and streaming to any device running a QVIVO app. Subtitle support is coming in the next major release. Download QVIVO

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Add subtitles to DVD

Many times we receive mails with questions like how to: add subtitles to DVD, burn DVD with subtitles, AVI to DVD with subtitles, adding subtitles to DVD and other variants. Answer is simple – ConvertXtoDVD do all the magic.  And we got good news for you – there is a coupon time, so you will get instantly 20% discount for all VSO software products (and believe, they are really doing their job seriously)

Here is small guide how to add subtitles to DVD – you got some movie file (divx, avi, mov, mpg…), you got some subtitles (sub, srt,…), and you want burn this movie and subtitles to DVD. Read more »

My Movies Collection – The best way to organize your movies and TV series

My Movies Collection is a web based application to manage your movies and TV series collection.

No matter if your movies are original Blu-Ray or DVD discs, or you have a digital collection of media files, or both, you can use My Movies Collection to keep track of your growing collection and also your wish-list of movies or TV series you still don’t own. You can even use My Movies Collection to keep track of which ones you have already seen or not.
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Babylon – Leading Translation Software. Try It Now For FREE

Babylon translation software is a single-click translation and dictionary program that will radically reduce your time spent on any translation. By a single-click you will immediately get translated words, sentences or even full text into 75 languages. Now you can get easily the Babylon software for FREE as a trial to test it yourself. Already over 52 million users have been gaining the benefits from this software.

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Host for API definitely changed

Hi everybody,

today we decided to definitely change the host for API requests (XML-RPC) to api.opensubtitles.org. In other words – this means some outdated programs, which works with old host (www.opensubtitles.org) won’t work anymore. This change is done because we need to put API requests on different servers in easy way. So, if your program doesn’t work, try to go to preferences, and set the API XML-RPC URL path to http://api.opensubtitles.org/xml-rpc

I wrote about this change in july 2009, changes was done on trac around 5 months ago and I sent mail to program developers around 2 weeks ago, so I believe, everything will be OK :)

We are working hard on adding next server, because in peak times, there is really bad response time. Also there will be some small ads in subtitles itself to monetize API traffic for common users.

Stay tuned

LeechPack: The ultimate download toolkit?

Many years have passed since Rapidshare and Megaupload first started and settled new grounds for file sharing for all of us. After some time, many companies followed their exact same concept leaving us with a lot of sites to download from, which eventually turned it into a pain in the ass. You probably own one or two premium accounts for some of them, whether they are from the ones mentioned above or maybe from some of the other BIG ones. Well… there’s a new “bad boy” in town called LeechPack that will certainly have a huge impact on how we “LEECH” from now on, and was built from the ground up to make our lives a lot easier!

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