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  • Hide your personal activity in torrents offer modified pre-configured uTorrent client, which uses SSH protocol with 128 bit encryption, so nobody can see what are you really downloading, and also helps against P2P traffic shaping.

    27. November 2013 Other 29 Replies
  • Babylon – Leading Translation Software

    Babylon translation software is a single-click translation and dictionary program that will radically reduce your time spent on any translation. By a single-click you will immediately get translated words, sentences or even full text into 75 languages.

    18. May 2010 Other 1 Reply
  • LeechPack download toolkit

    Here’s a new “bad boy” in town called LeechPack that will certainly have a huge impact on how we “LEECH” from now on, and was built from the ground up to make our lives a lot easier!

    22. February 2010 Other 49 Replies
  • XML-RPC URL changed

    We are changing main URL for XML-RPC server to, but don’t worry, old URL will work until end of 2009.

    10. September 2009 Web 7 Replies
  • OS is going to freeze features

    I’d like to finish some “small” things on OS website development and XML-RPC, so development will be in feature freeze. If you have some features, which you really like to see, write them to comments.

    9. July 2009 Web 5 Replies
  • TIP: Kantaris media player

    Kantaris Media Player aims to be an all-in-one media player that provides a great audio and video experience. Kantaris is an open-source alternative to Windows Media Player with similar GUI and features.

    17. June 2009 Other, Programs 15 Replies
  • Beware of asia scam mail

    I recently (and my friends also) got mail from Asia Network offering some internet services like registration of domains and Internet brand (WTF). It was scam.

    21. October 2008 Other 7 Replies