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  • XMLRPC: DetectLanguage(), view vote

    We know XMLRPC API is very important for developers, so we added DetectLanguage()Â method. As name suggest – it detect language of given text – which should be gzipped – good when we want to automate uploading subtitles.

    17. June 2008 Web 13 Replies
  • Upload subtitles using Java applet

    Upload subtitles using Java applet is really useful, because it works better, than “normal” web upload. It works like Subdownloader or well known Oscar – it sends movie hash and movie filesize information, so other people can download those subtitles without using website.

    13. June 2008 Programs, Web 2 Replies
  • Introducing Firefox Subtitle Matcher addon

    Today I’d like to introduce you really nice addon to our lovely Firefox browser. As it is written in heading – it is Subtitle Matcher addon. You can download it from Mozilla (you have to be logged in) or from authors page.

    26. April 2008 Web 12 Replies
  • VLC subtitles exploit

    All users who use VLC, should be aware there is new exploit which affects VLC <= 0.8.6e. Workaround is not to open ssa subtitles from untrusted sources.

    17. March 2008 Other 11 Replies
  • Import subtitles: DoNE

    There are some thousands new subtitles for Polish, Hebrew and Dutch language. Every of those subtitles was in other format (subdirs, archives, different naming convention…), so I have to write new script (subroutine) for every language.

    7. February 2008 Other 8 Replies
  • Page should load faster

    After some talk with lighttpd guru at irc, we together optimized its configuration. I also removed some ugly SQL querries, some of them are cached in memcache, thumbnails should be loaded faster, sphinx is doing its job…

    21. January 2008, Web 2 Replies