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  • Castify App for Casting Audio/Video

    Castify is an app for casting video/audio with subtitles from your web browser to your TV using streaming devices like Chromecast. Now it is easy to find out videos or audios, sports, live news, etc. from a website and Chromecast it to your TV. How to use Castify It is very simple! Just follow the […]

    17. February 2018 Programs, Web 12 Replies
  • Movie Trivia Questions powered by OpenSubtitles

    Have you heard of the “World’s Largest Trivia Contest”? Yes, this article is intended to help the people who are actually preparing themselves for contesting in the Trivia contest by providing them means to access some sample Movie Trivia Questions.

    25. March 2016 Other 3 Replies
  • Subtle Subtitle Downloader

    This article is about the Subtle Subtitle Downloader. It is a very simple Windows application for downloading the subtitles for your favourite movies.

    16. February 2016 Web 3 Replies
  • Search trends subtitles – Bookworm

    Here is an interesting website that lets you search for trends in the dialogue of about 87,000 movies and TV shows- the Bookworm website. It helps you to search trends using subtitles from the Opensubtitles database.

    4. November 2015 Web Leave a reply