Free VIP membership for first 20 users

21. November 2008, Web 28 Replies

Hello everybody. Recently we implemented ranking system. We thought it should be nice to have some extra value for users, who make content. So if you uploaded more than 100 subtitles you get site without any advertisement and so on. For users, who just download subtitles and don’t like advertisement at all – there is solution – they can donate with 10 EUR and become VIP members for 1 year. Now we offer FREE VIP membership for first 20 users…

What you must do ? Not much – you must have at least 20 subtitles uploaded and write your username in comment in this post. After that you become VIP member and you can enjoy site… also you are welcome to comment how you like site as VIP member πŸ™‚

That’s it, more to come soon

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