Movie FPS, sub format, upgrade

23. January 2008 Configuration,, Web 10 Replies

Today was another active day. I’ve added to search, report and upload pages – movie FPS. Basically – I wanted to disable this, because not everyone knows FPS of movie (and there is some technical issues), but there were some requests…

On internet exists some funky Polish subtitle formats like TMPlayer (tmp) and MPL2 (mpl), so I’ve added them – now our Polish friends should be possible upload subs in these formats too. Movie FPS and Subtitle formats are present in search page, so you will know a little more info about subtitles.

Also we have some news concerning packet loss. It is caused by high traffic on switch, so we ordered private 1 Gbit 5 port switch, so packet loss should be gone soon (also there will be some downtime for this, we are sorry). We hope after this issue everything goes smooth as it should – no more packet loss, no more session expiration, no more cannot connect to database… 🙂

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