OpenSubtitles Uploader

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Opensubtitles Uploader

Here is a specially tailored application for uploading subtitles with movie hash to the OpenSubtitles website – the OpenSubtitles Uploader.

The OpenSubtitles Uploader application runs across multi-platforms such as OSX, Windows and Linux. It is programmed in HTML5 and Javascript.

Downloading and Using OpenSubtitles Uploader:

You can just visit the Github page here and download the application.

After downloading the application, launch the Opensubtitles Uploader.

Opensubtitles Uploader

Opensubtitles Uploader

Now, you can either browse for your video file or just drag and drop the file into the application. If the subtitles file is also present in the same link, it will be detected automatically. Otherwise, you can choose them yourself.

Select Video and Subtitles files

Select Video and Subtitles files

All the details of the video like the File name, OSDB Hash, Size of the file in bytes, IMDB ID, FPS, Total time in ms, Number of frames, etc. will be filled up and even if you do not know the IMDB ID for the video file, you can search for it from the application itself.

Go ahead and click the upload file on the top left corner of the OpenSubtitles Uploader application. And yes, do not forget to log in to your OpenSubtitles account before that. so you will be able to edit and track your uploads.

If the file name or the hash is already present in the database, it will let you know. Finally when everything goes well, a pop-up box will appear saying “Subtitle was uploaded successfully”.

Subtitles Uploaded

Subtitles Uploaded

You can click the “Open in Browser” button and go to the webpage to view the subtitles being available. So now the subtitles will be ready for download!

This is one among the most easy and efficient way for uploading your subtitles to the Opensubtitles database. So definitely do not forget to give it a try.

Watch video guide:

If you want to help OpenSubtitles community by translating OpenSubtitles Uploader, please follow this link on GitHub.

Opensubtitles Uploader uploads to the OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy the free subtitles service of opensubtitles and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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