OS is going to freeze features

9. July 2009 Web 5 Replies

We got good news for you. We are back and even stronger. Recently there was DDOS attack from botnet at our servers, read more at our forum. I hope there will be no other attack, so our server can work for you, and not for attackers. Somebody really “like us”. Also I want introduce some plans for future.

I’d like to finish some “small” things on OS website development and XML-RPC, so development will be in feature freeze. If you have some features, which you really like to see, write them to comments. Maybe I will pick some and implement them. After that, OS will be in feature freezes, that means only really necessary things will be done (bugs). In meantime I can code promised TV series support.

Today I fixed forum registrations and also on main page is shown forums topics only for website language. If you want your own language in forum, just contact me, I will add it.

That’s all for now.

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  • eduo

    Suggestions in order of importance. I’d only really like to see the first one before the freeze. Second would be wonderful and would get rid of a closed API. The rest are all intended to improve the experience of OS.

    -Basic TV Series Support in API (mandatory “TV” Flag, optional “Season”, “Episodes”. “TV” flag can be picked up from Show’s IMDB entry, Season/Episode(s) can be picked from subtitles, in principle).

    -Support for APIs to open sites like TheMovieDB and TheTVDB. IMDB API is not open and technically shouldn’t be useable.

    -Better API information: API Status, remaining actions per day/hour. Can be included as a very small array at the end of the current API.

    -Multiple-Subtitle TryUpload support, with response for all requests sent.

    -Multiple Movie subtitle upload support (just allowing upload of more than one CD array)

    -Official support for subtitle upload without matched movie (currently seems to work, if only IMDBID is sent and the rest is set as “0”, but it’s not documented).

    -Version support in API methods to add functionality without breaking existing users. Default or missing version -> first version (i.e., today’s)

    -Alternatives to XMLRPC: url-apikey-based, json.

    -User Stats methods in API, official requests functionality (and fulfilled requests by user), separate stats for uploaders, matchers and combined, penalties for machine-translated subtitles, bad subtitles, continuously low-rated subtitles.

    -Simplified evaluation of subtitles: Default value is OK, only possible votes: thumbs up and thumbs down.

    -Versioning, support for edition, deletion of redundant subs, community-picked “Best version” (similar to Wikitles or addic77ed). Become more than a file repository and attract editors and creators of subs.

  • os Post author

    eduo, thanks for answer, these are important issues. I have to freeze features BEFORE I will code TV Series, so question was, which features you want see BEFORE TV Series support 🙂

  • thesoul

    This is not a new feature, but most a bugfix request…

    Has been several months since I noticed, but never asked about it. 😛
    So, I believe that there’s a problem with the (Advanced) Substation subtitle “parsing” here on OS.

    The ass/ssa format have some special tags for line breaking “\N”, enaling italics “{\i1}”, disabling italics “{\i0}” and lots of other stuff, and all that uses the backslash.

    The problem is that OS is “eating” the backslash, so instead of a line break, we have 2 words together with a “N” in the middle of them.

    Here is the full list of tags:

    To output something similar to this:
    Explosão! Explosão!

    This a sample of the right way:
    {\i1}Explosão! Explosão!\NParaíso!{\i0}

    And here’s the one on the subs of OS:
    {1}Explosão! Explosão!NParaíso!{0}


    I hope this can be solved. 🙂


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