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Many years have passed since Rapidshare and Megaupload first started and settled new grounds for file sharing for all of us. After some time, many companies followed their exact same concept leaving us with a lot of sites to download from, which eventually turned it into a pain in the ass. You probably own one or two premium accounts for some of them, whether they are from the ones mentioned above or maybe from some of the other BIG ones. Well… there’s a new “bad boy” in town called LeechPack that will certainly have a huge impact on how we “LEECH” from now on, and was built from the ground up to make our lives a lot easier!

Among many uber hot features, this handy web application has the following:

  • You can download from one single account from the following file sharing systems: Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile, DepositFiles, MegaShares, Uploaded.To, UploadBox, Storage.to, BigAndFree, Netload.In and as I heard, they’re working on adding more as we speak!
  • Their system works as a Torrent Proxy as well, which means that you plug a torrent file or url into the system, their servers handle the painful download and give you a direct link! This will certainly save all of us a LOT of time!
  • Another thing that blew my mind was that these guys think about their users safety, they have implemented SSL connections for downloads from their servers to your pc. This means that NOONE will EVER know what you download or when!

There is a bunch more stuff inside the site, but my personal recommendation is that you should check it by yourself! Right now they’re offering for a limited time a 3 Days FREE Trial with 3gb disk space and 3gb traffic. So hurry up and get yours before it’s too late! Just CLICK HERE!

The guys behind this service asked me if we could do a brief interview so we all know a bit more about it. So here it is!

OS: How many file sharing networks are currently available on LeechPack? Do you plan on adding more in the near future?
At this moment we have TEN file sharing networks available + torrent downloads. We’re working on adding quite a bunch more! In the meantime, if you find any network that you’d love to use (or abuse), just drop as a line and we’ll add it ASAP!

OS: Is your software capable of handling many users? What about download speeds?
Our custom platform has been coded from the ground up to be able to handle massive amounts of traffic and users without slowing down our servers. We have tested our download speeds with great results from many different locations and connection speeds. Rest assured that this won’t be an issue… EVER!

OS: What about the quality of the service? Do you offer support?
We built this service with just one thing in our minds: our users. We want you to feel at home every time you log in to LeechPack. So if you experience any difficulties or come up with an addon that will be helpful for you and the rest of the community, our team will implement it for you in the blink of an eye!

OS: Is it cheap or expensive for the users?
We honestly believe we have an amazing service compared to many of the competitors out there. And we also believe that we offer MUCH MORE than most of them. Nonetheless we have priced it in a super convenient way for everyone to get access to it!

Thanks for interview, it seems like really cool service and time will tell. There is nothing more to say, you offer trial version, so I just can recommend to OpenSubtitles users to try it themselves. So try your Free Rapidshare right now.

Free Rapidshare

Free Rapidshare

49 thoughts on “LeechPack download toolkit

  • leechpack is a scam

    leechpack is a scam

    the “free” trials requires you to SPEND MONEY

    leechpack is total BULLSH1T.

    I am not going to give leechpack a dime: they are running a DISHONEST campaign.

    Since leechpack cannot be trusted at the outset leechpack certainly CANNOT BE TRUSTED with your money after their “free” trial

    ^ leechpack provides ZERO conact links. Sketchy at best.

    leechpack deserves to fail to lies and thievery

  • os

    oh, thats new information for me.
    I tried it, and it was free (with some limits of course). So how you are force to spend money, I just dont get it.

    For contact links, yes, this is fail.

  • Jenny From LeechPack

    Dear user,

    our team would greatly appreciate you stop stirring false claims about our service. We have been working hard for more than a year to have this product ready and 100% functional. Accomplishing something like this isn’t really a simple task and took a lot of effort from everyone that’s been involved on it.

    About our contact information, we have been always available and i personally work almost 24/7 to ensure everyone is happy inside our site. I won’t lie, we had a bunch of issues during our beta stage, fortunately most of them are a thing of the past now.

    Drop me an e-mail anytime, you probably know where 😉 and i will go the extra mile to straight this up for you.

    Come on, let’s all hold hands now! 🙂

  • Aan

    it’s just another premium link generator, there are tons of them over internet, can’t see anything special about this deserving blogpost here

  • Steve

    Might be interesting if they didn’t treat their potential customers as idiots. Upfront tell me what it will cost and how much I can download. Without the info to make this sound like a business proposition it just comes off as a scam – whether it is or not.

  • leetchfile

    leetchfile is a scam they will bill you and you cannot cancel from paypal!!! very, very sketchy website STAY AWAY!!!!

  • cantbuylove

    The 1st thing that leechpack ask for:
    BUY TRRAFFIC with paypal or your bankcard .


    and here what happend when i tried to downloal anything.!!!
    these are copy and past from the actual leechPack.com

    Available space: 0 B free / 0 B total
    Traffic: 0 B left
    Subscription expires in: 29 days

    How is that FREE when you cant do anything until you submit your paypal account or credit cardd acount?
    Free is Free

  • Paris

    This is a clever concept, putting a web based front end to what is in effect a seedbox, I don’t think the pricing scheme is competative. They match 6.99 euros monthly fee from Rapidshare / Hot files, but with only 30 GIgs of bandwidth compared to 150 GIgs Rapidshare and 100 GIg HotFiles. I would like to see a plugin where JDownloader could utilise this service

  • Martianka

    Ok I want to believe in them because its a nice idea and the site looks good.

    But I always get suspicious at sites with questionable English targetted at Europe or the UK from outside these areas.

    It’s far from obvious how to use the site as well. The gui may be slick but it’s not easy.

  • engo

    same here!!, be carefull when giving your paypal account. The “free day trial” didnt worked. After that they charge 10 euros for a month contract.

    The thing is: when you sign up for the “free trial” and give your paypal confirmation(not shure if credit card), you also are giving confirmation for a monthly autocharge of 10euros monthly just after the 1day trial ends. You receive a mail from paypal about it (contract for 9.99 euros for a free trial and monthly auto renewal) but the same day the charge is done, so, no way to cancel it. (although you can cancel the contract from your paypal account settings to avoid future charges)

    so, read everything!!! before giving them your account data, they claim is written on their page but i can’t find it, and i wont try again to see if its in the account creation.

    have a nice day!

  • Jenny From LeechPack

    Dear Engo,

    I discussed this with you on many e-mails. When you sign-up for a Free Trial, once it expires, you get automatically billed. It is stated on our site, on our FAQ page, on PayPal’s checkout page and after checking out and registering your account.

    Also, once you purchase a Free Trial, PayPal sends you an e-mail automatically stating that you created a recurring profile with us, and that you’ll get billed after 1 day and then every month.

    I even offered to refund your money if after 7 days you were not happy with our service, so i don’t see a reason for you to come over here and complain. It’s not like we are using shady anthics and taking money from your account without your knowledge. We are online everyday and will help you out with anything you need, as you all probably know by now. I got back to each and everyone of your requests.

    About the users’ having issues with the amount of traffic, just drop me a line and refer to this post, i will give you a juicy welcome bonus 🙂 We will be doubling our traffic allowance pretty soon!

    Have a great day, people!

    And… if you need anything, you know where to find me 🙂

    We’re also on twitter if you have any questions:

  • Kenshi

    Jenny nice service but you should post on your site how much it costs, montly, yearly, etc.
    Its misleading not to mention this…
    How do u expect us to trust you if you dont have specific prices or bandwidth limits?

  • Kenshi

    And dont tell me that if I signup I can see costs, or GB limits cuz this is not right.
    We should not be obligated to sign up just to see what you offer…
    This is suspicious.You should be more informative.

  • Jenny from LeechPack

    Dear Kenshi, how are you doing?

    We are currently developing a completely new version of our site. These kind of issues will be solved there.

    Just so you guys know, our prices are as follows:

    €0.00 1 Day Trial, then €9.99 recurring every month.
    This package starts with a 1gb disk space and 1gb traffic allowance, then once the trial is over, upgrades automatically to 30gb disk space and 30gb traffic every month.

    €6.99 30 Days Trial, then €9.99 recurring every month.
    This comes with 30gb disk space and 30gb traffic every month.

    €23.99 90 Days non recurring.
    This package comes with 30gb disk space and 90gb traffic.

    €42.99 180 Days non recurring.
    This package comes with 30gb disk space and 180gb traffic.

    €78.99 365 Days non recurring.
    This package comes with 30gb disk space and 400gb traffic.

    There are no bandwidth limits on how much you can download every day. Also, we only count traffic from our servers to your PC. Not from remote servers to ours. This is definitely a pretty nice bonus.

    Also, once you are a premium member, you can purchase bandwidth upgrades for very good prices. If you are interested in doing a custom deal, you can always shoot us an e-mail and we’ll look it up and find a solution for you.

    Traffic is retroactive, which means all non-used traffic is rolled back to the next month adding up to your each month’s traffic.

    If you have any further questions, just drop me an e-mail or DM us on twitter:


    Hope that answers some questions!

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  • Kenshi

    Thank you Jenny for the info.

    But I dont get it when you say that “There are no bandwidth limits on how much you can download every day”

    Because I think that the monthly traffic you are referring to as 30, 90, 180 etc is how much I can download each month,isnt?
    So there must be a limit.

    Can you elaborate on disk space and month traffic please?
    Thank you.

  • toprascal

    i have some questions
    why go for this kind of complicated stuff when torrent is available…?
    even when the arguement that stuff which is not available in torrent is available, the same is applicable viceversa…then fee charging sites are very touchy about copyright and remove them too fast…however torrentz search engine model makes the torrents accesible to stuffs without less legal hassles…so then which is better — sites which have lot of hidden fees which bleed u without explecitly informing u..or the biggest collabrative project which mankind has ever known which most importantly is FREE

  • tr4nc3m4ster

    I’ve been using this service for a while now and is really worth using it. i know that torrent is for free but why should i stay, say 10 hours downloading because there is not much seeders and then it cost me more in electricity. even with the free host like rapidshare. lets just say its in parts and then you have to wait an hour to download the next part and the next part. etc……….. and also your limited with your internet speed aswell, whats is 9.99 Euros anyway. i prefer to pay that a month then paying on electricity or for premium accounts.

  • Jenny from LeechPack

    Hi guys,

    It’s been a long time since my last update over here!

    I’d like to invite you to check out the new version of LeechPack:


    On our pricing page:


    You will be able to see how our payment plans work. Also, if you’d like to check out our FAQ section before, it’s now on:


    If you have any questions or concerns, simply submit a ticket request and I’ll get back ASAP!


  • tr4nc3m4ster

    If your talking about upload a file to the server there is no limits at all. if your talking about bandwidth. eg you uploaded 20gb file and u want to download that, then you have “TRAFFIC” and that’s what gets counted but u do get a nice Traffic limit on the 9.99 which was 30gb and now it is 60gb it worth it guys better then waiting 10years to download 20gb if u have fast internet u will download @ full speed. o u can download unlimited times a day just make sure you have enough traffic

  • Chronicle

    I decided to experiment with Leechpack and started a 30-day subscription. Just some immediate observations.

    In the first place, the person who said that recurring payments via PayPal cannot be canceled obviously doesn’t understand how PayPal works. There is, in fact, a very straightforward way to cancel a recurring payment. I do it all the time because, sometimes, I might want to renew for one month and sometimes I might want to renew for six months.

    The plus side of Leechpack is obvious. You download from one source that, in turn, downloads from any number of other sources. This saves multiple subscriptions to multiple services. Unfortunately, that plus is also a minus. In my experience, files provided by “some” services tend to be valid files most of the time. But files provided by other services (and torrents) are often fake files or files with viruses attached. The first two files I downloaded from Leechpack were fake (sigh).

    However, I also saw an unexpected downside to the service. One file I “knew” was present on at least 6 of the services they download from was not showing in a search. In fact, I’m downloading it now via “free” (slow) download from Hotfile – and the file has been downloadable from them for over a day.

    So, there are “holes” in the search routine. I’d be curious to know how often their search utility updates itself to show available files.

    From the R&D standpoint, I’d like to see one added feature – that lets users see from “where” the file originated (Rapidshare, Hotfile, Fileserve, a torrent, etc.). In my case, I have no issues in downloading from Hotfile … but I don’t trust a lot of files downloaded from Fileserve and I trust torrent files even less.

    In any case, my 30-day trial continues … though I’ve already disabled the recurring payment in PayPal. If I like what I see over the next month, I’ll probably extend my account for a longer period. If not, I’ll just sign up with another service I trust.

    P.S. As a side note, I used to have a Hotfile subscription but canceled it because, instead of extending my account at renewal time, they set up a “new” one which didn’t work like the old one did (incompatible with my download accelerator software). That was my only issue with Hotfile … but an important issue nonetheless.

  • Chronicle

    I have now used Leechpack.com for one week. And based on my experiences, I will not renew beyond the one-month subscription.

    I have just downloaded another fake file. Because Leechpack gives no indication from which service the file came, users cannot make an informed judgment of whether a file is worth downloading or not. In addition, the search utility remains unimpressive – with gaping hole in available files.

  • Samuel

    I’ve been using Downloadnow.net for a while now, but thinking of trying new sites. Any suggestion?

    And as for Leechpack…. I also would not recommend this to any one. Tried “FREE” trail and got charged right after the trail ends. YES!, Leechpack did stated that but who would have thought of there will be some scam like this!! As someone has said before, “FREE” should really means FREE!!! Or at least send some notifications. This is really annoying how this kind of “dishonest” site stay up for so many months. Booo!

    [everything above based purely on my experience with Leechpack.com. There is no prove nor attempt to offense anyone here.]

  • Sal

    Chronicle – tanks for a nice review. I’ll make sure to steer clear and inform the sites I freequent, if they value their users, not to support it in any way. Of course this won’t be an issue if they correct their flaws and further improve their service. On a sidenote?a free trial is not free if you cannot choose whether or not you wish to continue using the service.

  • One Click File Hoster

    I also have used http://www.rapidgen.net. They are pretty good because for like 3 dollars you can sign up for a 15 day VIP plan.. which I did and they work pretty smooth.

    THey also have free users, which use a public link generator, but you can use it for more than the other free trials from similar sites. I was downloading from my free account for a few weeks before I tried the premium.


  • Jerimum

    I am a Leechpack.com subscriber, today when I typed the web address http://www.leechpack.com i have been redirected to another page. What’s happening ?

    Anyhow the service is very good, just to correct the above sites listed: hotfile.com is not included in the Leechpack offer.

  • Molten Ice

    Just wanted to let everyone here know that I use leechpack at the moment (6 months package)

    They had a LOT of problems and still do, but the support from them is unbelievably good! They are crazy friendly (at least Jenny as she’s been giving me most of the support) and they will make sure they’ll give you great workarounds to many issues

    For example, because I had lost a lot of bandwidth due to some server issues when using JDownloader, Jenny gave me 200GB to MORE than accomodate for this!

    Basically, they are a new service and problems are BOUND to happen but they are honest people working behind this and fixing problems one at a time.

    If at all anything, they are very trustworthy and if you still don’t trust them pay via paypal. Unlike what many people have posted here if ANY COMPANY puts a recurring payment via paypal there IS an option to stop that from happening. Money is controlled by paypal, not the company so buy like that if you want.

    All in all, even though a bit expensive (and no hotfile!) and a few problems, the people behind leechpack are very trustworthy and friendly and they make sure they solve problems as and when they come. At the moment I used downloadNow, leechpack and looked at rapidgen, and I must say leechpack is the best (they don’t get rid of your bandwidth after billing cycle!), especially at this time when rapidshare is loosing users due to lack of rapidpoints, and so just having rapidshare premium is no longer good.


    Leechpach hardly ever works


    and Support dont answer any questions









  • Cezaroos

    Avoid this company…Shortly (same day) after signing up I sent a mail saying that I didnt want them to renew automatically my contract. No answers….

    That was 3 months ago…Today I got an email from Paypal, they have charged me again…

    I just want outtttttt, and a damn refund

  • petrelli


    Mate – YOU’RE responsbile for your PayPal subscriptions!!!
    Login to Paypal, go to your subscritpion and un-subscribe leechpack!

    Whilst I’m here – LeechPack is NOT a scam!

    They try their very best to provide exactly what they advertise.

    The only downside is, even 9 months in, they are still having issues. The staff are friendly, but you don’t get responses as quickly as you’d liek to Support Tickets – but very quick email responses.

    They’re busy fixing, I guess.

  • kyle

    I would not recommend leechpack to anyone.. their service doesn’t work.. you have to wait sometimes for days for download to complete if it ever completes without error.. download speeds from their servers are dreadfully slow..
    avoid leechpack.

  • Paul

    I’ve been with Leechpack ever since they started and had nothing but ISSUES constantly.

    I’ve now cancelled my account as they never respond to emails and paypal refuse to honour their system anymore.

    It’s CRAP

  • XtremeMaC

    well without making any reasearch for some reason I went ahead and been a member to leechpack 3 days ago. and I have already opened up 4 tickets to their site and only been able to download 2-3 files. others have not started or gave a stupid error..
    looking for other options.. hopefully reliable ones..

  • wil

    it’ worked fine for me till paypal stopped honoring there system now its not working at all, im currently waiting for a response from them.

  • Johnathan

    Just signed today this is what you need to know:

    Fileserve DOES NOT WORK and maybe some others also dont work but i didnt try all the others.

    This is how leechpack works: The probably have a premium account with each of these sites and when u put a link in their website downloads that file onto their server and then you download it from their site.

    Leechpack will charge you every month unless you cancel. I emailed them to cancel and they havent responded yet.

    When you put files and press download your file is put on QUE. Eventually (usually a couple of minutes) leechpack downloads the file to their server then you can download it to your pc.

    disappointed that fileserver doesnt work thats why i got leechpack!!!

  • sv2241

    You’re joking, right? How is this offer any better than what I already have with some *unlimited* bandwith hosters?

    My yearly traffic is at least 12TB (I’ve got a 100Mbit line) for which I pay ~150EUR/year to several hosters. Not to mention that I have a lifetime unlimited traffic membership with Filesonic.

    To get the same service from LeechPack I should buy their 12 Month Pack and several other upgrade packages to reach the same bandwith requirements I have. That is, 12 Months Package (incl. 2TB traffic) for 70EUR + 10*1000GB Upgrade for 36EUR each, which means 430 EUR/year.

    Current situation: ~150EUR/year for 12TB+ traffic (anything above is free)
    LeechPack: 430EUR/year for 12TB traffic (anything above means paying more)

    And what about that fixed 30GB diskspace “in the cloud” regardless of the package you’re buying? C’mon … with the difference, I can easily buy couple of additional 2TB hard-drives to plug into my NAS and still end up cheaper than with LeechPack.

    Can someone explain why LeechPack is any better? Honestlly, it’s a total rip-off from where I stand.

  • Scammed by Leechpack

    I’m posting here to warn others about Leechpack, I signed up for a month to trail their product and intended on paying for a yearly subscription if their product was good.

    The Service
    The first thing I did after signing up was to look for where I could stop the monthly reoccurring charges, this was nowhere to be found. I submitted a support ticket to ask them how to stop the payments, it has now been 15 days and I have had no reply.

    The Product
    I have successfully downloaded approx 30% of the Torrents I have added the others simply disappeared from the server before finishing or finished then showed a 0MB file that you could not download.

    Leechpack has “18 Supported Services” such as Rapidshare, MegaUpload ect. I can’t figure out how to use and I suspect they don’t have any supported service with them at all.

    You can no longer pay your subscription via Paypal so users are forced to use a Credit Card.
    I figured out how to stop the Credit Card payments.

    How to Stop Payments via Credit Card

    The Direct Link is https://support.ccbill.com/index.cgi or from inside Leechpack see below.

    From Inside Leechpack Click the “Buy Traffic Tab” then click on any of the Green “Credit Card” buttons, this will take you to the Credit Card Payments Website. Click on the “Consumer Support” link and a page will load up.

    You must enter 2 of the following details Email, Credit Card # or Subscription ID (you get this when you signed up) this will bring up your subscription and you can cancel it.

  • Mark

    To Scammed By Leechpack:

    Have you tried contacting them?
    I had the same problem the weekend but they claimed they upgraded some services and there was a problem with the script. but so far today i’ve downloaded about 18GB of torrents to my hard drive (2 complete seasons of some series) i even got 30 free GB for the trouble thanks to Jenny.
    You should email j@leechpack or support@leechpack works better than sending tickets, i dont like the long term commitments so i am paying the 9.90 eur a month subscription, if stops working i will cancel and move along but there is no other site with so many sites and torrents for that pricetag and with such an awesome support (thanks again Jenny if you read this)

  • Scammed by Leechpack 2

    Thanks too scammed by leechpack I was able too cancel my Creditcard subscribtion the service is shit nothing works not only 30 percent I thinnk more like 10 Percent even torents dont work mot of the time i was a happy http://www.mydownloader.net/
    Custemer before and will be again in the future!!!!

  • Douglas Slusher

    I am a disabled U.S. Vet and I have trouble understanding the simplest of directions, can you help me please. I am using MPC and want to download subtitles for “The Longest Day” please be patient and help me please

    Thank you

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