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30. September 2010 Other 3 Replies

My Movies Collection is a web based application to manage your movies and TV series collection.

No matter if your movies are original Blu-Ray or DVD discs, or you have a digital collection of media files, or both, you can use My Movies Collection to keep track of your growing collection and also your wish-list of movies or TV series you still don’t own. You can even use My Movies Collection to keep track of which ones you have already seen or not.
Here are some of the key features of this service:

  • Both normal and mobile interface
    At you can manage your collection on the go.
  • Share with friends
    Share your Movies List with your friends making it public. You can also make your list private and invite only your friends to see it using their email addresses.
  • Several formats
    No matter what’s the format or physical support of your movie, you can add it to your collection. Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS, Digital Copy, …
  • Locations
    You can define “locations” where you keep your movies. May them be shelves, cases or computer folders, you’ll never lose track of your movies again.
  • Reference numbers
    Each time you add a new movie two automatic, sequential, reference numbers will be generated that you can write down on your movie case or disc. The first is a global one and the second is per format.
  • Loaned movies
    You can mark movies as loaned and specify the name if the person you loaned it to. Never again let a “friend” forget he’s borrowed a movie from you!
  • Twitter integration
    You can define if you want My Movies Collection to automatically post to your twitter account each time you add a new item to your collection or mark on as seen.

Keep you movies and TV series collection organized now using My Movies Collection

Let us know in comments, if you find this nice web-service useful.

3 thoughts on “Organizing using My Movies Collection

  • daysofourlives

    The TV addict’s behavior is entirely automatic and unthinking. The couch potato ignores one-on-one interaction with family and buddies in favor of passively basking in the artificial shenanigans on the sitcoms and voyeuristic intrusion into the private lives of strangers, and mindlessly parrots the televised opinions of pundits who cannot parse a sentence. Thinking is a lost skill.

  • M. Blanc

    What I wanted to ask is… since this app is online, does that mean media rights acts are going to be a concern for the user? For example, suppose I’ve downloaded an “illegal” copy of, say, Titanic, and if I put this in that web site would somebody “like to talk” to me next fine morning? Since the corporate world apparently means only rich people have the rights to enjoy anything, this seems entirely probable.

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