MovieText – see subtitles on your phone or tablet while watching movies and series

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MovieText app was created to improve your recognition skills of foreign speech.

Studies show that If subtitles are turned on on your TV, then your brain does not train to recognise foreign speech by ear – it simply chooses the easiest way to obtain information – reading text.

Try to turn off the subtitles on the TV and look for the subtitles on your phone or tablet when you are unable to recognise specific phrases.

You will see that often you know all the words that were said in a particular phrase – but could not catch them when listening due to lack of practice.

If you do not see the text on TV, then the brain begins to work and learns to catch words from speech. This method significantly improves your language skills. 

Try it yourself and share your thoughts!


  • Search and open subtitles for Movies and Series
  • Display the subtitles for a movie or episode in two languages at the same time
  • Translate words
  • Split movie into parts and see used words
  • Adjust subtitles timestamps using offsets
  • Sync subtitles by using play/pause or by tapping on a timestamp
  • Auto and manual Scroll without getting out of sync
  • Realtime subtitles highlighting
  • Adapt the font size and layout
  • Optimised for phones and tablets

Android app –

iOS app –

MovieText is one of the many subtitle applications that uses OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy the subtitles service of opensubtitles for free and if you like it, consider making a small donation. Don’t you just love opensubtitles?



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