OpenSubtitles Add-on KODI Installation

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Are you using KODI? Many users are getting the following questions:

  • Why opensubtitles add-on is missing from KODI?
  • KODI add-on is gone.
  • I can not find opensubtitles add-on KODI.
  • How to install opensubtitles add-on KODI?
  • How to install subtitles in KODI?
  • How to add subtitles in KODI?

The add-on was removed from KODI because of few reasons. You can read more about the reason here.

So, installing the missing opensubtitles add-on in KODI is not a difficult task. Actually, It’s quite simple.

Installing opensubtitles add-on KODI:

1. Install KODI if you do not have it installed yet.

2. Download the OpenSubtitles Add-on zip file here.

3. Launch KODI. Move to System -> Settings.

Opensubtitles add-on KODI - Interface

Opensubtitles add-on KODI – Interface

Click Add-ons.

Opensubtitles add-on KODI - Settings

Opensubtitles add-on KODI – Settings

Choose Install from Zip file.

Opensubtitles add-on KODI - Install from zip file

Opensubtitles add-on KODI – Install from zip file

Now, choose the downloaded zip file. That’s it!

It will show you that the add-on is enabled now. You can confirm it by going to SYSTEM -> SETTINGS -> ADD-ONS -> My Add-ons -> Subtitles ->

You can click “Configure” in the add-on and give your username, password. add-on KODI - Configure add-on KODI – Configure add-on KODI - Login add-on KODI – Login

This will disable all the advertisements if you are an VIP.

So, go ahead and enjoy add-on and feel free to share your comments bellow.

KODI is one of the many programs that uses OpenSubtitles API. Enjoy the free subtitles service of opensubtitles and if you like it, consider making a small donation.

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