OpenSubtitles KODI (XBMC) Add-on – Login fix

24. November 2016 Programs 183 Replies
OpenSubtitles KODI add-on

Recently you might experienced problem – message in KODI (ex-XBMC) while using OpenSubtitles KODI subtitles add-on: “In order to continue subtitles service you need to Log In”. or “error searching for subtitles, your open username or password is empty or not valid”. In this article we describe how to fix this in two possible ways

Article updated to reflect the latest changes and news
- added instructional videos
- opensubtitles addon in official repository is updated, 
  login and password required

- opensubtitles KODI addon is working as before

Introduction of OpenSubtitles KODI addon

KODI is great media center, we all like it. It is highly configurable, got a lot of skins, offer various services, it is opensource and got huge user base. One of its services is downloading subtitles for your movies and TV series while watching. One of subtitles service providers is opensubtitles using its OpenSubtitles add-on.

Recently we displayed message for OpenSubtitles add-on:

In order to continue subtitles service you need to Log In

OpenSubtitles KODI add-on

OpenSubtitles KODI add-on

There are 2 ways how to fix this:

1. Enter your credentials in OpenSubtitles KODI add-on

First try, if you can login on, if you can not login on website, it will not work in KODI!

In KODI navigate to:
System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons -> Subtitles -> -> Configure

You need to enter your username and password and subtitles service will work again. Please double check you insert it correctly, you will not get any error message. If you are not registered yet, feel free to register on After registration just use same credentials – username and password. There was reports that restarting KODI helps too.

2. Install new OpenSubtitles KODI add-on from

Steps how to install new add-on, improved by us, where you don’t have to insert your username and password:

  1. uninstall old OpenSubtitles add-on
  2. download updated OpenSubtitles add-on
  3. navigate KODI -> System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
  4. select the file you downloaded
  5. if it doesn’t work, restart KODI

Important note: if you are using Exodus, Navi-X, FreeTelly or other unofficial KODI, please get support on their forums.

Couple of guys make instructional videos, if nothing works for you, check them out:

If you got any questions, feel free to ask them in the support forum.

Source codes for new OpenSubtitles KODI add-on

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183 thoughts on “OpenSubtitles KODI (XBMC) Add-on – Login fix

  • drealz

    This fix dont work. I have kodi on all my devices and i love it, but now i have try these both fixes and it wont work. Same “In order to continue subtitles service you need to Log In” text appear and i have to manually search subtitles. Please help. Thank you

      1. David

        I have also tried all the suggestions above and none of them work. I think OpenSubtitles is a pile of junk and their customer support is a disgrace



      1. uninstall old OpenSubtitles add-on
      2. download updated OpenSubtitles add-on
      3. navigate KODI -> System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
      4. select the file you downloaded
      5. restart KODI


      1. Senthil

        I had the same issue. Followed these steps and when I click download subtitles button in Kodi, it by default shows only 38 entries.. i.e. subtitles for 38 movies..not more than that. I tried to change settings in Kodi but no luck. Please advise.

      2. Gene Atkinson

        Don’t waste time trying to log onto opensubtitles. whatever. First they ask you for a donation ….. which can only be made with bitcoin ….. but very easy ….. just give them your SSAN#. WOW Hold me back!

          1. Bruno Knudskov

            I used to have access to OS, but had to get a new harddrive and was trying to log on, but it keeps trying if I am a robot even after accepting uses and such with the checkmark and going through 20 pictures of street signs, Mountains and numbers and so on and on and on!!!
            What gives ??

        1. Umair

          What if we don’t have credit card ? or anything. ? I was using without logging now this is a very big problem that I don’t have credit card and it not working without it.. plz help me

        1. Chris

          Hi all im a bit of a newbie
          Ive downloaded to laptop please IGNORE the credit card nonsense this is a scam just close it HAD TO CANCEL MY CARD!! set up account with log in on kodi subtitles work

    2. ShaVerZ

      All was fine until yesterday; Kodi Add-on continued to tell me credentials are either incorrect or left blank.
      I went to the official website which took a few attempts to load and when trying to login I’m presented with the following error;
      Error 503 Backend fetch failed
      Backend fetch failed
      Guru Meditation:
      XID: 28127151
      Varnish cache server
      If I leave the ‘Remember Me unchecked, I receive a slightly different error;
      Error 503 Backend fetch failed
      Backend fetch failed
      Guru Meditation:
      XID: 874553572
      Varnish cache server
      Any advice please?

    1. David

      I have also tried all the suggestions above and none of them work. I think OpenSubtitles is a pile of junk and their customer support is a disgrace

      1. User024

        I can sympathize with the frustration, not being able to use the service automatically, getting all those irritating “become a member to not see this” prompts over subtitles that are not even made from the uploaders.
        Yet, I don’t quite get it. In what way are you a customer?
        Other than donations, is it a paid service?

  • Anderson

    I use kodi jarvis on Raspberry PI, unfortunately it no longer works with either the old addon or the new one, it still asks to log in.
    I checked on the site and my logins are ok.
    It was the best addon of subtitles of the kodi.


    I tried to register but failed because my credit card declined…… don’t know why they need credit card to complete registration……

      1. Lisa Hall

        IPTVKID you should probably cancel that credit card RIGHT AWAY. That was a malware page and they will steal your info and use all your money. I hope you’re not an actual kid, your parents will lose all of their savings over that mistake. If you ARE a kid, it’s better to be truthful with them that you were tricked online and used their card so they can cancel it immediately.

        Open Subtitles, you may not know this but when someone goes to your site (on mobile) a box pops ups that says something along the lines of “please register with” then you can click okay or cancel. If you click okay, another page pops up (probably malware) where it asks you to enter your information, along with a credit card. This is pretty sketchy! I assume you dont knkw that this happens, but if you guys DO know about this then you should be ashamed for tricking people.
        Anyways, thought I’d let you know. That is probably why that poor individual landed on a page that asked for his credit card.

        1. Al

          “…they will steal your info and use all your money. I hope you’re not an actual kid, your parents will lose all of their savings over that mistake.

          Way too much drama and hyperbole, and scare… Relax a bit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express all have ZERO liability protection on any of their branded cards. Also most issuing banks of those cards also have their own ZERO liability perks over and above the card branding ZERO liability. Same is true for many other credit cards worldwide, as long as you notify them ASAP that there is fraud or you goofed up and lost or gave away your credit cad info. Meaning beyond the inconvenience of cancelling and dealing with the bank or credit card company you will not lose all your money and certainly not all your savings. And if you are in the US, even if you by chance have some rare card that has no protection (I don’t even know if they exist any longer) you have protection under US Federal law that limits your frauud liability to $50 as long as you notify the card company within 30 days…

  • A.Kolkman

    Well I put my login information in the first place, that did not work, then i replaced the old addon with the new one,that did also not work.
    pls help.

  • John

    Tried this. Have installed new Add-on. Add-on states it does not need a login, still the message keeps on the screen.
    Please help….

  • goss

    You’re really full of shit. You steal subtitles made by others, and to release than your own. I hope that you will being sickened and experience the extremely slow and painful death.

  • Adam

    both solutions not working. I have put crediential as on solution 1 and not working then done all steps on solution 2 with this same result. In order to get subtitles I have to go to where leads me to this steps bu still not working. Fix it or delete it. Why you have make the things difficult when it was working fine.

    1. Audrey Crouch

      I agree with Adam. Mine was working fine and now your making it difficult to work. Why? Now I get some subtitles and others I don’t.

    1. Luke

      Still not working is there any solution as I’m logged in yet this is still popping up please reply to my email thanks

  • panocha-caliente

    Thank you, this non-logon worked.

    I wasted a ton of time creating an account, and doing everything do I could just use it with an account, but their logon one is completely broken.,
    I configured it correctly with the name and password, on my confirmed account, and still, all I would get on my screen is the stupid message sating that it wants me to create an account. (yes, restarted kodi, updated addon manually, everything i could.)

    I have the downloaded one for no account working now, and auto-update turned off.
    They really need to fix it. That was a big frustrating waste of time for a broken addon.

    Thanks for this non-account one!

  • Luke

    Can you please email me another solution as I’ve tried both and neither of them are working I used to love your service but now this keeps showing up despite being logged in can you please let me know what my options are as its stuck in the middle of the screen telling me to log in when I already am

  • Johan Kirkenstein

    Thaks for quick solution. Sorry to bother but do you have any idea how to login Opensubtitles on Exodus as well. Exodus seems to have own built-in “opensubtitle plugin” since it’s loading subtitles from opensubtitles regardless if you have opensubtitle addon or not, as long you have enabled subtitles in Exodus settings. After login it works when you click download button, and I guess it then using the opensubtitle addon, which now is logged in, but the auto part (where Exodus using it’s “built in opebsubitle”), and automatically download and display subtitle, still says login is needed. Installing the updated addon could not help either since Exodus doesn’t use the addon at all… any ideas are very welcome!

  • jin

    Recently Kodi started asking me login details for subtitles and I’ve tried every thing but no good.. giving me the same error that I need to login to continue using opensubtitles.

    Any help please


  • Fthis

    This doesn’t work, btw i was already logged in from long before and everything worked fine! Now i have even created a new account today as part of the diagnosis! Now instead of having my subtitles automatically run, i have to search manually. Which is Backwards!
    EVEN WORSE!!! I delete the whole “OpenSubtitles” service with maps and all and your stupid message still pops up, greedy assholes! Now i have to make a new build and not install “Opensubtitles” in the first place.
    From now on i’ll only use Subscene and when i make a subtitle i’ll upload it to Subscene only!
    “OPENSubtitles” my ass!
    Don’t forget that your subtitles are made by US the users!

  • Kristian Kardén


    Sorry to say, but unfortunately neither of your fixes seem to work; I still get the same error message as earlier, with logging or with downloading. Something must still need correcting, I think. I have Kodi 17.0b5 in use.

  • Telma Pereira

    Hi support team. I tried to do it in the both ways but I can’t, 1st way I don’t have any option to select “subtitles” and the 2nd way I don’t have any file on install from zip file. What can I do to fix it? Thank a lot.

  • Dan

    Thank you for the help, I did register, sign up but it wont work. But after I reboot (Force stop) then relaunch kodi. it worked. Many thanks

  • stefaan

    dusnt work either still getting the message with both ways

    i can only manually go dl a subtitle after the second way, not automatic

  • janvaneemsland

    I’m using Raspberry pi2 B+with openelec/kodi installation and none of the proposed fixes worked for me. I now have uninstalled the OpenSubtitles addon and installed a few other subtitle addons. Still getting the message: In order to continue you need to log in, so I suppose OpenSubtitles leaves unwanted software (cooky, trojan, virus?) behind…

  • mq75

    ok I’m using the new addon and I’m logged in at addon and the webside aswell, the message appears that I need to login but a pity the subtitles are starting automaticly (with exodus)
    I hope it stays stable

  • Kel

    Hello, ev1! Plz, PLZ excuse my severe “newbie-ism”, but could sumbody plz give me the actual [http:// zip thingie ] “address” i need 2 fill in on the “add source” for file manager plz?! All im finding is a download option, but im woking on a set top box – not a pc?! Id be soooo grateful 2u all! Many thanks in advance!!xxx

  • Kellymac

    Good evening, everyone!
    Plz, PLZ excuse my severe “newbie-ism” but im hoping someone cud help me? Ive been searching for the [http://zip file] “address” to manually upload the opensubtitles thingie into the “add source” section in file manager! Ive only been able to find a “download” option, but thats no good for me as im using a set top box, not a pc! I understand i appear 2b a complete “techno-phobe”, but i wud be soooo grateful if any1 could help me out with this! Many thanks in advance!xx

  • ModernmythAngel

    Hi, guys (& gals?!)
    Im really hoping sum1 can help me? I cannot find the zip file “address” (http://thingie) to put into the “Add Source” section on file manager? Im no gud with technology as it is (apologies!) so i cant use the “download” option. Ive searched evwhere for it so id be unbelivably grateful for all (or any!) help with my problem! Thank u all so, sooo much!xx

  • mcordero

    Ive been using Kodi for the last 6 months and never had a problem. Today it doesn’t want to work. I tried everything that you have said and nothing work. I use Exodus, Stream and Specto and the subtitles are not working. Keeps asking for my username and password and it’s already there…. please a solution

  • mcordero

    I’ve been using Kodi for the last 6 months and never had a problem. Today it doesn’t want to work. I tried everything that you have said and nothing work. I use Exodus, Stream and Specto and the subtitles are not working. Keeps asking for my username and password and it’s already there…. please a solution

    1. Jan Patters

      I am having the same problem. Here is what I did but it only works with Exodus. Go to the configure section of Exodus and click on Subtitles. Make sure Subtitles is enabled by making sure the button is blue. Make sure you click on the OKAY button or it will not save your changes. Go launch a movie in Exodus and you will see the subtitles will automatically come on assuming the movie has subtitles. Click on Suicide Squad because I know that has subtitles. It will come up in the beginning still saying you have to register but ignore it and then when they start talking, you will see the words! Hope this helps. Jan

  • Lisa H

    Open Subtitles, you may not know this but when someone goes to your site (on mobile) a box pops ups that says something along the lines of “please register with” then you can click okay or cancel. If you click okay, another page pops up (probably malware) where it asks you to enter your information, along with a credit card. This is pretty sketchy! I assume you dont knkw that this happens, but if you guys DO know about this then you should be ashamed for tricking people.
    Anyways, thought I’d let you know. That is probably why that poor individual landed on a page that asked for his credit card

  • Ian Moone

    Whoever had this brainfart to implement and force users to register to use this addon must be castrated with a dunked orio biscuit! This is ridiculous… Take your plugin and shove it where you think the sun shines you retards

  • Andy

    Hi tried to watch film with subtitles but error message comes up followed all instructions on this site. Still not working !!! Please help

  • Jan Patters

    I have registered on this site and got a confirmation email which I responded to authorizing my email is real and correct.
    I am logged in fine on the website. Then I launch Kodi and go to the program and click on configure. I added my username and password just fine. I clicked the Okay button to ensure my info was saved and it is. However I cannot get any movie to play subtitles from open It keeps acting like I did not register. I went back to my configure setting and my name and password is still there. I quit Kodi and then restarted it and I still can’t get the subtitles. Still thinks I have not registered. Any suggestions?

  • Soso

    I managed somehow to make the open subtitles work.i went to the open subtitles page and I start register.when the page with credit card showed up i didn’t wanna go further so I hit the back button .when I checked my email I had a message from open subtitles that I have to follow the next link to finish to register.i hit the link and I could log in.when back to kodi and i installed the open subtitles again and put my username and password in the configuration and worked.hope would work for you too guys.cheers

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  • Andrew Stillman

    after the solution doesn’t work, make sure to update whatever add-on you are using, IE exodus. Worked for me

      1. Jan

        Ik heb de addon uitgeschakeld. Tijdens kodi installatie van de ondertiteling had ik podnapsi en subsence mee geïnstalleerd. Na uitschakeling krijg ik nu gewoon nl ondertiteling automatisch van podnapsi.

  • Vinz

    Yes. Go to exodus and go to settings in exodus. Then click on subtitles. Ensure it’s clicked on. THEN get out and reset box or kodi. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • bunji

    the logon via Kodi appeared to work for me when I used my registered email address as the username rather than the actual username!

  • Zoltan

    tried for several hours to get it fixed, all the above suggestions do not work in my case. I finally uninstalled opensubtitles and dowloaded subscene and it works fine. The opensubtitles was doing just fine until they started with the log in requirements. all the solutions posted – none of them work. no one at opensubtitles seems to care. incomprehensible lack of support.

  • james

    As a regular subtitle contributor… no more contributions from me.

    The idea was that Open Subtitles was OPEN… not demanding log-ins and even better not working! This is the very opposite of the whole meaning of the word OPEN.

    You’ve done this before too and I believe Kodi blacklisted your site until you backed down.

    It’s a good and noble thing to have a huge database of subtitles for those of us who are hard of hearing, not least as often those subtitles aren’t even provided by the official source of the programme. It’s a completely douchey thing to what you have and then close it up and try to extract every penny you can.

    1. os Post author

      well, KODI guys disallow to insert messages (ads) in subtitles, we decided that user must be log in in order to use official kodi addon. Feel free to install addon where you don’t have to login. Info is in article.

  • ScottBoy

    Well i have removed all traces of opensubtitles from my minix box.
    And have installed podnapisi.



  • Helena

    Registered with opensubs…keep getting message no subtitles yet subtitles appear in foreign language on one film and no subtitles in another!! . Changed language settings to English everywhere but still getting message ‘no subtitles’. 2hrs gone by and no success. Any help?

  • Rockcat

    I joined opensubtitles and worked for a week or so, then started to get the “invalid login or password” error. For the second solution… I think it is NOT a good idea to install software from untrusted sources.

    So I just disabled opensubtitles and installed the subscene plugin from the oficial kodi repository.

  • stupot

    using Kodi on a raspberry pi and couldn’t get opensubtitles to work, I registered and my login was fine. I then remembered I had an ‘add on’ installer, so I used that it it downloaded a different version of the plug-in, which worked! No login required, straight in with a list of subs. Only problem was they were wildly out of sync so I tried the subtitle off set but to no avail. Think I will just buy the DVD :-/

  • Busul

    the 2nd option worked beautifully!
    2. Install new OpenSubtitles KODI add-on from

    Steps how to install new add-on, improved by us, where you don’t have to insert your username and password:

    uninstall old OpenSubtitles add-on
    download updated OpenSubtitles add-on
    navigate KODI -> System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
    select the file you downloaded

    Important is to install from USB.

  • arjan

    This is really wack………..Try every option and still not working……please come with a solution for this major problem…
    Try several versions……nothing works….

    please helppppppppppp

  • arjan

    nothing worked for me…… several plugins, but non of them worked…
    This is a major problem….
    please help out

  • Aigore

    Had OpenSubs working fine until today, when it suddenly told me my user name or password is empty or not valid.
    I logged in on OpenSubs site and there was no problems logging in…why is it giving me grief on Kodi?

  • bobyperez

    Hi. Since 2 days i can’t download any subtitles from I use kodi on my smarttv, and every time i get information my login and password is invalid. My login and password is ok, i can log on website. I tried that steps from this page, but it doesn’t work. Please help.

  • GeorgeFord

    OSMC and dont work … I have registered, updated the plugin, typed my password three times. It is just not working. Waste of time, I am switching to other subtitle service, so should everyone else because opensubtitle guys are apparently not able to fix this simple problem for the past few months. There are other subtitle services that I will prefer to use (and donate to). This wold also be a great time to change the word “Open” in to “Closed” because that’s just what it is!

  • mark

    Does not work with kodi 17. Allways get “faileed to connect to service in the log. The same with the pluginn from the repositories.
    Here is the log:
    20:34:44.209 T:1462760432 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(282, /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles/ entering source directory /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles
    20:34:44.209 T:1462760432 DEBUG: CPythonInvoker(282, /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles/ instantiating addon using automatically obtained id of “service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles” dependent on version 2.1.0 of the xbmc.python api
    20:34:44.893 T:1462760432 DEBUG: ### [__main__] – action ‘search’ called
    20:34:44.894 T:1462760432 DEBUG: ### [__main__] – VideoPlayer.OriginalTitle not found
    20:34:54.999 T:1462760432 DEBUG: ### [__main__] – failed to connect to service for subtitle search

  • Patrick H

    I deleted the old add-on, installed the new add-on, rebooted Kodi and it works, without using a username and password !

  • Roelof

    The new add-on worked for me too, thanks.
    Why don’t you offer it up for the official repository, so Kodi users can install the working add-on right from the repository?

  • jjs

    This fix worked for me fine. Just followed the instructions and it was up and running in no time. Thank you guys. OPENSUBTITLES.ORG is the best.

  • Michael

    I simply CAN NOT get it to work anymore…

    1: I have been registered for a long time, but using the official add-on keeps telling me that the user/pass is wrong.
    2: Tried uninstalling and installing official add-on again without any luck.
    3: Tried creating a new user with a new password to use with the official add-on without any luck
    4: Tried downgrading the official add-on to without any luck
    5: Installed the unofficial (5.2.14?) version from this thread and ran it without credentials without any luck
    6: Tried using both mu profiles/accounts with the unofficial version, but also without any luck.
    7: Have been testing this on Kodi 17.6 on three different machines (iMac, small OpenELEC machine and a nVidia Shield TV) without any luck.

    Is the simply no way to use with Kodi anymore?

  • Per

    Well – Tried all fixes possible.
    Are able to login on website – performing searches.
    But unvalid Username/passwd – on repos version
    But when using the zipfile from link – Just getting “error searching for subtitles”

    What to do – Librelec 8.2.2 Raspi

  • Joe Bob

    Ok, finally made this work, but not the way I imagined 🙂 I searched high and low, googled all over and ended up on this page I don’t know how many times, trying both installing the Opensubtitles add-on from the KODI repository version, or from the updated version here, tried logging on with only username, tried with full email adress, nothing worked. And I DID have an active and functional account at Opensubtitles … Then finally, I stumbled on the solution in the Opensubtitles forum, only hinted at as a possible cause for login problems.

    I know some of you had the fix described here on the page working and some didn’t. What it comes down to for me is, that it wasn’t about the add-on version used, it’s about the DNS you use in the machine you’re running KODI on, in my case OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 2. The DNS (will default to the base ip adress of your router (like or, and that will usually use the DNS provided by your internet provider. But your provider may in fact be blocking OpenSubtitles, so you need to change the DNS to some other DNS service of your own choice. I went with Google’s, and voila, everything worked again 🙂

    Hope some of you good people out there can use this.

    1. Thomas

      Thank you very much, have had this problem for a long time.
      I can confirm that changing DNS to did the trick. I am from Denmark.

    2. thansen_dk

      Thank you very much, that did the trick for me, by changing DNS to Googles
      I am from Denmark.

  • No one

    Thank you Joe Bob!
    Changing DNS worked! I have been trying for month to get it working without any luck.
    BTW I’m from Denmark.

  • genuine

    keep up your good work effort is the best out there indeed some scale problems we’ve seen

  • wartburg

    still the best and still a valid advise. after numorous unsuccesfull reinstallation attemps from both fusion packages, zip and directly by Kody add-on i changed the DNS to googles and … bum thank you
    and yes im danish too..

  • Dave K

    My ShieldTV recently updated to Kodi 18.0 (Leia). That update killed subtitles — they no longer work. I get the following message:

    In order to continue OpenSubtitles
    subtitles service you need to Log in

    It’s like that over 2 lines. I have gone in and confirmed my credentials are entered correctly within the Add-on. I am able to logon to the OpenSubtitles site using the same credentials, so I know they are good. I wondered if it could be a compatibility issue as my nightly backup Add-on has also stopped working. However, it seems that others indicate subtitles are working correctly under Kodi 18 (Leia).

    Any suggestions on how to resolve and make them work again?

    1. os Post author

      that merror message (wrong username and password) displayes when there is any error, for example our servers are down for maintenance. I believe it is working now

  • Simone

    I don’t understand, i have the same problem, my user and pass work in the site but don’t work in kodi 18.6, i tried a lot of times

  • kream

    Stops working about day or two. All the fixes doesn’t work. Still getting “Error searching for subtitles”.

  • Michael Laudrup

    Fix for people in Denmark: Download Windscribe vpn for Android, create a new free profile and vpn from Germany. Works fine with the OpenSub org Kodi add on on my tv, just enough to download the subtitle and then I turn off the VPN to watch the movie ??

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  • George Spelvin

    Kodi 19.0 and the addon has re-broken. I’d saved a zip file from July 2020 and it’s stopped working due to dependencies being outdated for the new version of Kodi.
    If I try to use the Repository version, it gives me the same username/password error that everyone else has been getting. And, yes, I’ve confirmed that my credentials work in the website.

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  • User

    The fix appears to be very simple. Just replace the login and password with empty strings in of the stock add-on.

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